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2014-05-02 MayDayw

May Day 2014 Gold Beach, OR

This web site is dedicated to the certified members of the Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association (OCSA).

Men and women meeting the demands of modern living by providing expert service and technical advice for all solid (wood, pellet, coal) and liquid (gas, propane, oil) fuel burning appliances.

The goal of each member is to provide you and your family with excellent service to avoid FIRE from improper installation and poor maintenance.

If you have any questions you would like to direct to your local sweep, just click on the membership list and pick any sweep in your area.
Click on his or her name and you will have access to his or her phone and e-mail or address.
Your sweep can post the question to this group and the best possible answer will be yours free for the asking!

Remember, only Chimney Sweeps Certified by the OCSA receive the recommendation of the Oregon State Fire Marshal for inspections of foster care sites’ solid fuel systems. And all certified members are listed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

When you hire a member of the Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association, you can be assured of a licensed individual who carries liability insurance and appropriate bond for your (and their) protection !

So sweeps luck and enjoy your visit.


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Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association

540 James St.
Silverton , OR  97381

                Office 503-873-3254
                Fax     503-585-8547

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